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Improving Sporting Dog Health for 18 Years
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Your dog is your tireless, faithful companion.  When your dog is healthy and energized, your time together is a more enjoyable experience for both of you.  Keeping your canine friend healthy, well-hydrated and energized helps the dog to enjoy an active, fulfilling lifetime of experiences. 


Canine athletes need additional nutritional support in times where speed and strength are required.  Dogs that participate in extreme exercise, training or competitions may require additional energy before, during and after exercise. 


Whether your dog is a hunting dog or competes in field trials, Flyball, Agility, Schutzhund, or is just an active dog –  give your dog the advantage of improved health and ample energy provided by TechMix, LLC products.


  • The K9 BlueLite® family of products provide dogs with Quick Energy, allowing them to quickly recuperate to stay at the top of their game.  The energy and other added benefits allow for quick recovery and continued high levels of performance.

  • K9 Restart™ family of products provide dogs with Quick and Sustained Energy, allowing them to maintain a high level of performance and replenish energy stores for those times when endurance is needed. 

  • A line of products have been developed to provide the additional nutrients that dogs need daily to help maintain and improve overall Daily Wellness, including K9 Natu-Joint, K9 Daily Digestive Formula, K9 Essential Nutrition, K9 Daily Nutrition Chewable, K9 Daily Skin & Coat Conditioner, and ProMax Multi.


Since 1983, TechMix has been manufacturing and marketing nutrition products designed to help improve animal health, performance and maximize profits around the world. Our portfolio of more than 70 all-natural products is specifically engineered to address the time-sensitive nutritional needs of animals when they undergo periods of stress due to life cycle, diet changes or other stressful events. Each product is validated through research to provide the right nutrition at the right time for a range of species with a special focus on swine, dairy, equine and canine. is proud to feature products developed and manufactured exclusively by TechMix, LLC. For more than 20 years, TechMix, LLC. has specialized in developing nutritional products to meet the needs of Sporting Dogs during times that require additional resources.  Each product is field tested by teams of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure optimal Sporting Dog Health and performance.